This site is about “The Educated Christian.” It is my purpose to consider the type of justification which is available for belief in the doctrines of Christianity. Ecclesia Apologia is also my spiritual journal. Here I will discuss Biblical interpretation, how Christianity has changed my life, and humanity’s relationship to the Christian faith.

In this essay I’ll tell you what I’m about; this is the account of my Christian education. I pray it, and the links to educational Christian websites within, are beneficial. I’ll begin with my introduction to Christian apologetics; followed by an examination of education’s impact on my faith. Finally, I’ll explain what I hope to accomplish through Ecclesia Apologia.

My Introduction to Christian Apologetics

For years I attended church without so much as hearing the word “apologetics,” which is defined as:

1 : systematic argumentative discourse in defense (as of a doctrine)
2 : a branch of theology devoted to the defense of the divine origin and authority of Christianity

Fortunately a friend of mine with a good Christian education took me to a Christian bookstore, and recommended I purchase A Ready Defense, by Josh McDowell.

A journey into Christian education began that day; my life is forever changed. I had no idea there was such a thing as evidence for the truth of Christianity. Voraciously I devoured McDowell’s book, and when I finished I knew two things; I wanted to learn more of the evidences for the truth of Christianity, and I wanted to share them with everyone.

How had the world of Christian apologetics been kept a secret from me all those years in church, especially when the tradition of apologetics in the Christian church dates back to its inception? I was determined to do my part for Jesus by introducing every Christian I could to the evidence our Lord has given us of the Bible’s truthfulness.

How many Christians have been needlessly intimidated by the idea of evolution, or comparisons of Jesus with an imaginary friend? God commands Christians in 1 Peter 3:15, “but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence.”

The word translated as “make a defense” is apologia. Christian apologetics, it’s commanded in God’s word.

Christian Education’s Impact on My Faith

My faith struggled when the idea of evolution was presented. I knew evolution contradicted God’s word, but I didn’t know the scientific responses offered by the Christian Church.

Christian education regarding science tremendously strengthened my faith. As I learned more about apologetics, I discovered many ministries devoted to defending the faith. A few of my favorites that answer questions concerning science and the Bible are:

The articles at these websites helped me realize what I should have known all along, God can and did do what He says in His word. Evolution is a lie.

After profuse reading on science for several years, I expanded my research into the areas of theology, philosophy, history, psychology, and sociology. Each of these subjects greatly strengthened my faith as I leaned about them from the Biblical perspective. Instead of being intimidated by intellectual conversations, I actively sought intelligent discussion.

I hope my readers will be able to say the same for themselves in the near future (if not presently), and to that end I offer the following list of websites and books:










The Online Bible

Systematic Theology, Volume Three: Sin, Salvation, by Dr. Norman Geisler

Systematic Theology, Volume Four: Church, Last Things, by Dr. Norman Geisler

Holman Christian Standard Bible Harmony of the Gospels

The Norman L. Geisler Apologetics Library on CD-ROM

Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith, Vols. 1-3


The Ultimate Proof of Creation, by Dr. Jason Lisle

Pushing the Antithesis, by Dr. Greg Bahnsen


A Ready Defense, by Josh McDowell

The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict, by Josh McDowell


The New Answers Book, volumes 1 & 2

The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul, by Dr. Mario Beauregard, with Denyse O’Leary


Sociology Through the Eyes of Faith, by David A. Fraser and Tony Campolo

Sociology of Religion: A Reader, by Susanne C. Monahan, William A. Mirola and Michael O. Emerson


Integrative Psychotherapy: Toward a Comprehensive Christian Approach, by Dr. Mark R. McMinn and Dr. Clark D. Campbell

Care for the Soul: Exploring the Intersection of Psychology & Theology, edited by Dr. Mark R. McMinn and Dr. Timothy R. Phillips

Studying evidences for the truth of Christian theology helped me understand the importance of theology apart from evidences.

In addition to the links above, the following websites greatly contribute to my growth as a Christian:

A Christian Thinktank, All About Worldview, Alpha & Omega Ministries, Answers in Genesis Ministries, Christian Answers, Covenant Media Foundation, Creation Ministries International, Creation Research Society, desiring God, Institute for Creation Research, Jews For Jesus, Tekton Apologetics Ministries

After reading these books and the articles at these websites, and sharing them with others, I experienced first hand the fulfillment of this promise in Proverbs 11:25, “The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself.”

I encourage everyone who reads this to believe the Lord, and share these priceless educational websites with others. You will be watered by the Lord, and nothing can compare with His blessings! I cannot tell you how many questions of my own have been answered in the course of finding answers for others.

My Ambition for Ecclesia Apologia

I created this site with two visions in mind. I would love to see those who do not yet believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, after reading the articles linked above, come to saving faith in the Messiah. The organizations I referenced are the Christian world’s elite. They are the educators of church pastors.

I would also love to see Christians benefit from the education offered by the top echelon in Biblical theology and apologetics. Believers will find their ability to effectively share their faith dramatically increased by these resources, while their own faith is simultaneously strengthened.


For years I attended church without receiving a real Biblical education, and as a result my faith was greatly weakened. When I was blessed with exposure to Christian apologetics, a passion for sharing my faith and some skills for doing so were the direct results. I was further blessed to discover that while I shared reasons for my faith with others, my own faith grew. I sincerely pray everyone who reads this takes advantage of the wonderful educational opportunity, and experiences the same blessings.